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10 Sep. 2015
Reuters photographer Amr Abdallah Dalsh: Residents... more
10 Sep. 2015
Giza, Egypt
Reuters photographer Amr Abdallah Dalsh: Residents of the Eshash el-Sudan slum clashed with police in the heat of late August, when about 50 of the ramshackle huts were destroyed and at least 20 people were injured by teargas, local media reported, as authorities attempt to clear the area and rehouse residents. People there were stressed and angry, that’s what struck me most about this slum in the Dokki neighbourhood of Giza, south of Cairo. There was rubbish everywhere and the smell was terrible. Located near a busy street, the noise was intense and constant. Animals such as chicken or goats are usually kept in an eshash – a coop or pen. I saw 12 people living in a shack of about 3 square metres. The slum dwellers, some of whom have called this settlement near Sudan Street home for 50 years, say there are not enough apartments built nearby to rehouse them. Some 145 housing units are being built to rehouse the residents of this slum, local media have quoted General Alaa Haras, the deputy governor of Giza, as saying. The slum’s residents eke out a living by disposing of rubbish or, in some cases, baking bread. Schooling is too expensive for most of their children, who play with salvaged rubbish amid shacks made of discarded wood and leather. One man offered me tea but apologised because no water was available. Back in the countryside, where he came from, that would have been possible, he told me. There is only one tap for the whole slum settlement, and the supply is very erratic. It can take an hour to get water, one drip at a time. It pained me to see bedraggled, dirty children go in search of water. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYSEARCH "ESHASH EL-SUDAN" FOR ALL PICTURES
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