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Jesus in Philadelphia

December 23, 2014
by Mark Makela
Philadelphia, PA

For nearly every day the last eight months, Michael Grant, 28, has dressed as Jesus Christ, and walked the streets of Philadelphia to share the Christian gospel by example. With long brown hair, a thick beard, and wearing a white robe and brown vest, he very much resembles the Westernized depiction of Jesus. Soon into this endeavor, he acquired the nickname of “Philly Jesus,” which...

The Venice of Egypt

December 15, 2014
by Amr Dalsh
Alexandria, Egypt

In the coastal Mediterranean city of Alexandria, I visited a district of families dependant on fishing for their livelihood that is struggling to navigate Egypt’s economic troubles.

I’d heard a lot about El Max — the “Venice of Egypt” — where hundreds of boats dart through the canal. I’d seen pictures of its waterways and brightly-coloured houses, which many fishermen built with...

Hunting for pictures – and crocodiles

December 15, 2014
by David Gray
Arnhem Land, Australia

Walking through a forest of native Australian Paperback trees, we suddenly stop.

“Look, crocodiles!” says aboriginal hunter Marcus Gaykamangu. I squint through the gaps between trees with bark peeling off like paper, and see nothing but mud and what water is left in the small oxbow lake, known in Australia as a billabong.

“There..!” points Marcus, with a hint of annoyance...

The Disappeared

December 12, 2014
by Cathal McNaughton
Crossmaglen, United Kingdom

I’ve been aware of the story of the “Disappeared” most of my life. In fact, I grew up with it.

While I’ve covered some pretty horrific stories in Northern Ireland over the years – I’ve been to murder scenes and I’ve heard gruesome things – shooting this story affected me more than many of the things I’ve seen.

The families of the 18 people who went missing during the...

A leap to freedom

December 04, 2014
by Thomas Mukoya
Nairobi, Kenya

I was covering #OccupyHarambeeAve, a protest outside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office following the killing of 28 people in the ambush of a Nairobi-bound public bus in the northern Kenyan border town of Mandera in November.

More than 200 civil society protesters had gathered in the morning, singing the national anthem and carrying hundreds of wooden crosses to symbolise people killed...

A haunting sacrifice

December 04, 2014
by Navesh Chitrakar
Bariyapur, Nepal

Known for its large number of animal sacrifices, the Gadhimai Festival is held once every five years at the Gadhimai Temple in Bariyapur, around 150 km (95 miles) from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

The open-air pen where buffaloes are scarified is about as big as two football pitches and surrounded by tall walls – the only high ground available to shoot pictures is to climb to the top...

Wigs for smiles

November 19, 2014
by Rodrigo Garrido
Santiago, Chile

Marcelo Avatte, a renowned Italian-Chilean hair stylist, could have never imagined that his own son would motivate him to start making and donating natural hair wigs for children who suffer from cancer.

Avatte came up with the idea in February 2006, while watching his four-year-old son Vittorio undergo treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the cancer ward of the Luis Calvo...