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A Picture and Its Story

Capturing the Butcher - 04 Mar 2015
Reuters photographer Emmanuel Braun shot a picture of a Boko Haram fighter being captured by the Chadian military in Gambaru. Here is his story:

I was covering the Chad army offensive inside Nigeria against the insurgent group Boko Haram when I shot this picture. It shows a prisoner, believed to belong to Boko Haram, caught during the ride we had with the Chadian troops on the battle field. ??Most Boko Haram fighters had left but few isolated ones were caught that day. A Chadian soldier told me: "Come and see this guy, he killed five cutting their throat and he's not even denying it."??The man was accused of killing five people the way Boko Haram does, cutting their throat with a knife. That is why one of the soldiers gave him a nickname 'the butcher'. ??He was suddenly materialising all the horror and fear behind Boko Haram. ??The soldiers violently dragged the prisoner to expose him to the press. The challenge with this picture was being fast enough to shoot it before the other journalists would show up and make it impossible. I think it is a strong picture because of the brutality which emanates from the scene. The soldier presents the prisoner like you do with an animal on a fair.
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