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27 Oct. 2015
Prisoners Helio Steves (L), 57, and Epifacio Soares,... more
27 Oct. 2015
Porto Velho, Brazil
Prisoners Helio Steves (L), 57, and Epifacio Soares, 62, are covered in clay by fellow inmates during a therapy session as part of the ACUDA programme at a complex of ten prisons in Porto Velho, Rondonia State, Brazil, August 28, 2015. According to ACUDA, prisoners spend most of their hours in dank, dark cells and the clay therapy is designed to improve their skin. It is part of an alternative therapy programme the charity uses to address the physical and emotional needs of inmates. Down a dirt road in the Amazonian state of Rondonia, prisoners convicted of murder, theft and other crimes get a rare release from the day-to-day hardships of a penal system known for violence and overcrowding. ACUDA (Association for the Cultural Development of Prisoners), a local charity in the capital city of Porto Velho, trains detainees in spiritual and physical healing practices such as Ayurvedic massage as well as in vocational skills including car mechanics and gardening. The therapies have one goal, says Luiz Carlos Marques, the charity's founder - educating inmates about the possibilities of life beyond crime. REUTERS/Nacho Doce TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYPICTURE 18 OF 30 FOR WIDER IMAGE STORY "BRAZIL'S PRISONS - A LIFE BEYOND CRIME" SEARCH "ACUDA" FOR ALL IMAGES
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