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15 Mar. 2016
Refugees and migrants wade across a river near the... more
15 Mar. 2016
Refugees and migrants wade across a river near the Greek-Macedonian border, west of the the village of Idomeni, Greece, March 14, 2016. Reuters Photographer Stoyan Nenov: "About 200 migrants walked towards a Greek village near the border with Macedonia. Some planned to cross but volunteers tried to stop them as three Syrians had drowned in the river that morning. Greek riot police tried to stop the migrants on the road. But it was almost impossible for the police to hold them back. After a couple of kilometres, the group had grown to at least 2,000 people. We reached the Suha Reka River. Migrants formed a human chain and at least a hundred reached the other side. A kilometre later they reached a wire fence built by the Macedonians on the border. The group walked along the fence, which soon ended, and followed a forest path. I soon realised we were probably already in Macedonia and I decided to go no further. Macedonian soldiers arrived and circled the migrants I was following. I went further down the road, where the army and police had already stopped the first migrants. A police officer told other members of the media and me we had crossed illegally and we were to be detained. Sitting in a police station, I had time to think. Parents carrying their children, elderly people and women helped by migrants and volunteers. I will never forget that image." REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY SEARCH "RIVER NENOV" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "THE WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
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