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November 30, 2021 
A composite image of five separate photographs taken with a single fixed camera shows a sunspot and the... 
Tbilisi, Georgia 
Pictures of the Year: A Picture and its Story 
A composite image of five separate photographs taken with a single fixed camera shows a sunspot and the International Space Station in silhouette as it passes across the Sun, seen from near Tbilisi, Georgia June 19, 2021. Reuters photographer Irakli Gedenidze: "About a year ago I got interested in astrophotography. I have always been fascinated by overcoming challenges and shooting the transit of the International Space Station (ISS) across the sun provided many obstacles. The station transits the sun three to four times a month where I live, but you have to know the exact coordinate of where on earth it will be visible. In reality, due to weather and other problems, you can capture this event only once or twice a year with an astro camera attached to a telescope that follows the movement of the sun. A tiny cloud or slight increase in humidity can ruin the moment, which lasts between 0.5-2.0 seconds. A special filter is required to avoid eye damage. I left the house before dawn to set up near Tbilisi, Georgia. About 1.5 minutes before the moment, I felt the most nervous and kept checking the focus. I didn't know until I got home and examined the images on my computer that I had successfully captured this rare moment. After editing and combining five separate frames, you can see that the ISS passed right next to a dark sunspot. My next challenge is to capture the ISS passing in front of the prominences of the sun - a bright, gaseous feature that extends outward from the sun's surface, only visible using a special filter." REUTERS/Irakli Gedenidze/File Photo SEARCH "POY STORIES 2021" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY 
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