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November 16, 2021 
Cows that were stranded in a flooded barn are rescued by a group of people after rainstorms lashed the... 
Abbottsford, Canada 
Pictures of the Year: A Picture and its Story 
Cows that were stranded in a flooded barn are rescued by a group of people after rainstorms lashed the western Canadian province of British Columbia, triggering landslides and floods, shutting highways, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada November 16, 2021. Reuters photographer Jennifer Gauthier: "In November, massive floods and landslides devastated parts of the Canadian province of British Columbia, with a storm dumping a month's worth of rain in just two days. In Abbotsford, a city to the east of Vancouver, I saw that I could jump a barrier and walk along the now-closed highway. I walked down to where the highway ended and the flood water began. A group of farmers stood on the highway looking over at a submerged barn and stranded cows in the distance, hatching a plan to get them to shore. Shortly afterwards the police arrived to clear the highway and asked myself and my colleague Jesse Winter to leave. We firmly but politely declined and they said they would let us work while they cleared the highway, but they would return. The farmers headed out to the barn in boats and a Sea-Doo. A man in a hovercraft did loops around the barn to corral the cattle. The farmers tried a variety of techniques to get the cows to cross over to dry land, but they weren't having it. Eventually the man on a Sea-Doo tied a leash to a cow's halter and swam it across. A group of men pushed and pulled it up to shore. They kept the cow on shore so the other cows could see that one of them had made it over safely, and repeated the process with the rest." REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier/File Photo SEARCH "POY STORIES 2021" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY 
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