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14 Nov. 2019
Mohammad Said Yasseen, an Iraqi demonstrator, poses... more
14 Nov. 2019
Baghdad, Iraq
Mohammad Said Yasseen, an Iraqi demonstrator, poses for a photograph during the ongoing anti-government protests in Baghdad, Iraq, November 5, 2019. Picture taken November 5, 2019. "We are only carrying flags, we don't have anything else in our hands. But they keep hitting us -- we've had at least seven martyrs here. (...) I want my rights, we are being oppressed. We have nothing: no schools, no decent hospitals, no riches for the people. They only know how to steal -- and they steal from us, leaving us with nothing. We are only asking for education and health. We have to get rid of the corrupt ones. Without that, there's no solution. We want a civil state -- we don't want corrupt parties and corrupt politicians. I want these youths to govern us. If we don't execute these corrupt officials, then we won't succeed." he said. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
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