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February 07, 2016 
A reveller (C), dressed as "Diablos de Luzon" (Luzon Devils), talks with people dressed as characters... 
LUZON, Spain 
A reveller, dressed as "Diablos de Luzon" (Luzon Devils), talks with others dressed in Avatar costumes... 
A reveller (C), dressed as "Diablos de Luzon" (Luzon Devils), talks with people dressed as characters from the movie "Avatar" during carnival celebrations in the village of Luzon, Spain, February 6, 2016. The "Diablos" cover themselves in a mixture of soot and oil and adorn their heads with black-stained bull horns as they parade throughout the village with cowbells clanging around their waists to expel the evil spirits. To make their appearance even more fearsome, the devils often carry fake teeth made out of raw potatoes. They dance around Luzon and smear their black grease on revellers' faces. The only people free from the attack of the "Diablos" are those who dress up as "Mascaritas". These are characters dressed in traditional women's clothing with their faces covered with a white cloth. To the beat of traditional music, the "Diablos" and the "Mascaritas" parade throughout the village in the afternoon in this carnival tradition that is thought to have pre-Christian origins. Picture taken February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Sergio Perez 
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