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November 08, 2018 
Migrants, part of a caravan traveling to the U.S., struggle to cross the river from Guatemala to Mexico... 
A Picture and its Story: Central American migrants trek north to seek a better life 
Migrants, part of a caravan traveling to the U.S., struggle to cross the river from Guatemala to Mexico in Ciudad Hidalgo and continue to walk in Mexico, October 29, 2018. Leah Mills: "In this image, the young man holding the child looks so exhausted to me and you can see others clutching all their worldly possessions. To me this shows how desperate these people are. They are willing to cross rivers with strong currents, to lose any belongings they had, to struggle through the water with their children. This was my first day working on the story. My colleague said we should keep an eye out for the group to start crossing the river because they had been stopped at the border gate, clashing with police the day before. I saw them from afar, a large group of them creating a column crossing the river. I started running to get to them. I ran through a number of hammocks and past police and many onlookers. Finally, I got to them and I waded into the river with the migrants jumping in from the Guatemala side. There were police sirens blaring as Mexican police formed up on the opposite shore, waiting for the caravan. A helicopter from the police flew by and dusted them all for minutes, spraying them with dust and water, blowing people around. The whole situation had an impact on me. We found a woman who was eight months pregnant. It's the people with the children and the elderly that stay with me. It's very hot, the sun is intense, hydration and keeping your feet in order are the two major challenges. But we are lucky, we have access to proper shoes, equipment, water and food. Whereas the migrants don't. I normally work in the White House. It was strange to capture the U.S. president talking about these people and then seeing them in person a few days later." REUTERS/Leah Millis/File photo SEARCH "LUIS ACOSTA" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES. 
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