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June 19, 2019 
Venezuelan migrant Elizabeth Rondon, 28, poses for a picture with her children Luis, 5, Samantha, 2 and... 
Tumbes, Peru 
The Wider Image: Venezuelan mothers, children in tow, rush to migrate 
Venezuelan migrant Elizabeth Rondon, 28, poses for a picture with her children Luis, 5, Samantha, 2 and Samuel, four months old, while they wait to process their documents at the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border service centre, before they continue their journey to Trujillo, on the outskirts of Tumbes, Peru, June 17, 2019. Rondon, from Maracaibo, one of the hottest areas of Venezuela, said: "There is no life there, you wake up, and you do not have electricity. My son can't go to classes because there is no electricity, and the school doesn't have the right conditions; they don't have water in the bathrooms or for them to drink". "I decided to start teaching him at home in March." With tears running down her face, she said, "One of the toughest things (in Venezuela), was not being able to sleep. As a parent, you are so tired from all you do during the day. To take care of the children, wash their clothes, find food, and have to deal with a power cut at night knowing that it will last at least 12 hours. That's ugly. But it wasn't only one a day. It has been like that in March, April, May, and June until I left, almost every day it was the same." "I want my children to have an education like the one I had." "Most of the people there (in Venezuela) don't even dream of going to university. Mainly because you can't afford it and secondly, the quality is not the same as before." "I want my children to dream in big; I would like them to want to be doctors, engineers, or architects." "I would like to go back to Venezuela, but I would like to see it as I remember it." REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins SEARCH "MOTHERS REFUGEE" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES. 
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